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Getting the best Cashback,Miles,Credit Card Points from Your Qoo10 Q10 Purchase

Getting the best Cashback,Miles,Credit Card Points from Your Qoo10 Q10 Purchase

There are many ways of getting back rewards,cash backs and Milage these days from apps, credit cards.

This I hope helps in your decision to get back the most out of your single purchase from

First the different types of products.

Cashback Apps

This app help you get back cash back by using them to purchase to other websites.



They direct you to other website like agoda,qoo10,,Nike etc.

Payment Wallets

Payment wallets are a stored value app or website where you have stored currency of can top up with credit cards, paynow etc to the wallet.




Credit Cards

Credit cards give you miles for Flights, Cash Back and also Points to change for products depending on the type of credit you use.

Frequent used cards from banks

Qoo10 Discounts

Coupons Shop & Website

Daily Deals, Timesale

How I normally purchase on

First (2% back on Shopback)

Apply to cash back app and download the Chrome extention or log in on the app.

Once you have that click to Q10 from the app or chrome extension.

This will give you up to 2% cashback to your shopback account which can be transfered to your local bank account.

Second (Purchase at Q10 with Voucher Normally about 13 to 15%)

Look for the products that you want to purchase on qoo10. If they are on sale also and if they have Qprime. Which is Free above $60 purchase on the website at one time.

You can purchase from multiple sellers and still get free shipping. Look for Store coupons to get more discount also.

Look for the qoo10 vouchers which are normally given on weekends but now also on weekdays. This will give you more disount on the products.

Third (Credit Card Miles, Points Cash Back)

Top up your Grabpay wallet using your credit card. This will intern get you miles, cashback or points for your credit card.

Fourth (Use Grab Pay to purchase on Qoo10

Now at check out use your Grabpay wallet to Check out. Up to 10 points per Grabpay Dollar Spent. This points can be used to change for vouchers and rides on Grab.


Instead of just using your credit card to pay direct on Qoo10 you would have gotten additional cash back and points by using this simple steps that will take you 2 to 3 minutes more in your purchase.

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